Path Of The Titans
  • Path of the Titans serves as a way to progress your character while you are the max level
  • You do this through a 3rd type of glyph, the Ancient Glyph
  • Themed for the Titans
  • The 3rd type of glyph is NOT related to the Inscription profession
  • The paths are not class specific - there is no "rogue path"
  • You choose a Titan Cult to join, which helps you unlock the path, then you progress down it.
  • This will eventually unlock 10 new glyph slots specific for the Paths.
  • Earn ancient glyphs through archaelogy
  • Each path has 2-3 choices of Ancient Glyph per socket
  • You can respec your glyphs
  • Ten sockets will be avaliable. Not all sockets will be in at launch.
  • UI will change depending on your titan path you chose
  • Everyone EVENTUALLY gets all their ancient glyphs.
  • The goal is to make it take a long time but not alot of work. It isnt intended to be "Sons of Hodir 2.0"
  • Catch-up mechanisms are important
  • Might add whole new paths in content patches

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